Take your stay to the next level

Not only do we provide the best bachelor pad rental in montreal, we offer the best service and options around. We have partnered with infamous bachelor party planners Connected Montreal to offer you the best experience possible.

Legs and Eggs

Wake up in style by having two local strippers cook you breakfast in the buff. They might burn the toast and screw up your omelet but you won’t care since they are grade A and farm fresh.


2 girls show

Enjoy 2 girls expressing their love. Gay marriage be not be legal back home, but you sure will be glad it is here. Always a crown pleaser. They will be sure to involve/embarrase the bachelor


topless poker dealer(S)

Finally a game of poker that will hold your attention. Enjoy a beautiful girl who sucks at dealing but is great on the eyes. Price is per 2 hours, more dealers? No prob


topless Beer Pong

Maximize the ping pong table in the place and Play beer-pong with strippers


Stock up the place

Check in and have the place stocked how you like it